Careers at Disco

Disco is an experience design studio with a focus on making a large impact with a small, highly collaborative team. What we love most about building our team is the synergy that happens when people come together to exchange ideas and solve complex problems through design.

Here are a few other reasons why we love working at Disco: 

Collaborative remote and in-person working environment

Extended Benefits

Flexible hours and location

Small team with meaningful, high-impact clients

Our values

At Disco Innovation Studio, we strive to have an interdisciplinary, diverse team of people who align with our values as an organization. When hiring, we consider the following qualities:

  • Be curious: Dig deep and discover why
  • Be humble: We don't know everything. That's why the first step of our process is to understand.
  • Be a good listener: Take time to understand a problem before moving into the ideation stage.
  • Be a self-starter: When you have a client, we trust you to be proactive, attentive, and detail-oriented
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