Product design

Disco Innovation Studio offers expertise in integrating user experience design (UX) principles into the design and development of physical products. We take an interdisciplinary approach to ensure that your product is desirable to users, viable in the market, and aligns with both your company's goals as well as standards in sustainable industrial design .

Why it matters

UX is an integral piece of the puzzle to achieving a product that not only functions, but is also useful, enjoyable, and accessible to your target market. Without incorporating UX strategies into the concept design and testing stage of your product, you could miss the mark on what will make your product successful.

Through product research and testing, we can mitigate risk and increase confidence in sharing your product with the world. You'll build relationships with your customers earlier on in the product life cycle, ensuring that your product solves a problem that they might have.

How we help

At Disco Innovation Studio, we know that the most successful products come from a desire to solve a problem that people have.  By understanding the motivations and behaviours of those using your product, we can co-design solutions based on qualitative and quantitative research that align with the lived experience of your customers.

Our team will ensure that our research and workshop strategies are aligned with the strategic direction of your product while also maximizing convenience and removing barriers for your customers. Our experience in product research and development also prioritizes sustainability of our communities and environments.

Our toolkit

Iterative product testing

Discovery research

Insight synthesis

Co-design workshops

Themes and opportunities ideation

Contextual Inquiry

Headshot of a person

Disco Innovation Studio knows how to ask questions that no one else realized we needed to answer.

— Ryan (BC Wildfire Service)

Headshot of a person

"Disco Innovation Studio knows how to ask questions that no one else realized we needed to answer."

— Ryan (BC Wildfire Service)

How we work with you

Disco Innovation Studio has designed experiences in both the public and private sector, co-designing solutions centred around people and the environment. There are a few ways that we can use our design expertise to deliver value.


Dedicated researcher

We can provide a dedicated researcher that we will embed within your product design team.


Design sprint

We can provide a team of dedicated researchers and/or experience designers for a 10 week design sprint.


Iterative engagement

We can provide a dedicated resource for an iterative research and design engagement.

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